Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Lets start over

Dear Diary,
Sometimes in life we forget some of the amazing things we did or experiences which have had.You are one such case, I suddenly remembered I had you and then search stared.Had to struggle a bit get the password and URL but somehow managed to get back to you.

One page of you and loads of memories gushed out of nowhere and I was transported to back in time.It was so nice to read you ,actually those post were written during the trying times to get the perception of what was happening around.

Its been year since we have meet and lots of things have happened and nothing went documented.Life went in auto-pilot mode.There were loads of incidences which should have been documented and cherished but nothing of that sort happened.

The experience made me realize that its worth documenting the life as it goes by

So have decided that no matter what, will start documenting the day or at least will put a post per week.May be a week recap.

Here I am documenting 25th Jul of 2017 as it went :

Ms Lovely started without giving much trouble.As you know she is bike which I use to commute everyday.She is blessing in disguise as she saves approximately 1 hr of the day and also ensures that no matter where I am , I always reach my home back safely.
Planning to send for repair.

It dint rain yesterday while commute which means crisp clothes in office (read blasting AC)

Dinner was good too,ordered by one of the family friend.

One of know person lets call N is suffering from health issues.They have aggravated in small time span. This reminds me how blessed each one of us is to have healthy body.

Watched Bhulbhuliya after long time and this time from beginning to end.It was pure treat to watch.

I have an intention to utilize my day more productively,have times reserved for everything and yet have sometime to spend with family.I hope  I am able to do so.

On the travel front,approvals are still pending and I hope that its gets sorted soon. I am really grateful to how the life is unfolding and what all big changes and turn it is about to take.I am excited and nervous at same time.

One of the quote which I read today and made too much sense to ,would like to say here and keep it forever:

                       Faith is small word,but has supreme implications.The problem today is that,
                           we have doubts in our faith and have full faith in our doubts.

So lets not loose faith and move ahead.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Day #8 I am GRATEFUL for...

I realized that its been almost a month,I dint write anything new.Well this time I had a valid reason,not a simple excuse for not writing.I had to travel to Singapore on 26th so was all tided up with all the arrangements.Latter on finding place to stay,moving from hotel to an apartment and huge pile of work
I could not write here at all.

Well sometimes life has different ways of surprising you.This trip is one of it.It was not planned at all and when it was told to we were expected to fly sometime in July.So end of May is truly surprising.

  • Well first of all among team of six,to be chosen is something to be really grateful for.I am so very happy elated and grateful too that I have been chosen to be here.
  • Well this is not first time that I am in Singapore ,last time when I was leaving,I surely wanted to visit here once again,complete my shopping list,but never thought that I would be coming back.So I am truly grateful that I could come here once again.
  • All formalities were completed well within time and hassle free.Really grateful for it.
  • Well over all experience of journey was magnificent.I say so because first of all,airline agreed to top up my luggage by 10kg just for free. Isn't it amazing.I am truly grateful for same.
  • Well company provided cab was awesome.All by myself,my first ever chauffeur driven car experience was amazing.Journey was superb and awesome at same time :)

  • Thank God for hassle free check-in,immigration and security check.Thought this is not my first international journey,but still these things make me anxious in no measure.
  • What I saw around was sheer abundance,joy,enthusiasm.I had lots of tourist co-passengers.There was this glitter in their eyes,which made you pepped up instantly.There was this family who was at their first international holiday.Kids were so elated that you couldn't stop being happy with them.
  • Well there was pretty good collection of movies for a change and I am grateful that I could watch two beautiful movies - Life of Pi and Chicken Khurana. Both amazing movies in their own ways.
All in all a very good experience. 

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Day #7 I am GRATEFUL for..

Over the weekend I visited to my friends(lets call her M) place.I meet her family,well Mom for the first time.Her mother greeted me with open heart.I had heard about her many times.I found her very jovial,loving and caring person.She is so full of love and enjoys her life completely.

Unfortunately she had meet with an accident few years ago.In last three years she had been through major operation and then been under various therapies including speech as well.She very proudly told us about all she had done through her life pre-accident like being a singer,dance ,TT player etc.She told us how grateful was she that now she need not depend on any one for her daily needs.She cooks for her family,supervises her house helps,goes for walk and now can recognise each and every member of her family.She was so enthusiastic about regaining her reading and writing skills.

“If we are creating ourselves all the time, then it is never too late to begin creating the bodies we want instead of the ones we mistakenly assume we are stuck with.”  -Deepak Chopra
Source Goggle Images

I was really moved and inspired from her.How easily we show disrespect towards our body and how ungrateful we tend to be .What we tend to forget is ,our body is God's own unique creation.Miracle in its own way.If we can walk from one room to another.that's the blessing,seeing,sense of smell,touch every thing is blessing.

  • I am grateful that I can see,appreciate colours,identify shapes,can enjoy movies,TV shows,adore SRK,read,write,count,drive,select colours for my nails/clothes/shoes.Enjoy rain,lightening,sunset,different shapes of clouds,surf FB,click photos.
  • I am grateful that I have healthy nose,constantly breathing.Can enjoy different perfumes,scented candles.
  • I am grateful for healthy teeth.Eat anything and everything without thinking of pain.
  • I am grateful for healthy pair of hands.Can do my job,write,lift,hold,eat,click photos,cook,clean,plant and water saplings,massage head :P.
  • I am grateful that I have perfect and healthy legs.Can walk,run,stand,exercise,wear good pair of shoes,drive
  • I am grateful that I have healthy ears.Can enjoy songs,movies,TV shows,attend call,can answer
  • I am grateful for my immune system,which keeps me healthy.
  • I am grateful I have good black hair ;)
  • I am grateful that my nails are healthy and strong.
  • I am grateful healthy and strong bones and joins.I can move around smoothly.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Day #6 I am GRATEFUL for..

Well here I am back with one day gap.Today's day started on good note and till now its joyful.
  • I am grateful for the amazing ready-made morning kadak chai .Nothing can make your day start on good note than a cup of chai.I am grateful for this service.
  • Our cook has happily agreed to cook breakfast for us ,so bye bye to canteen cooked breakfast.I cannot tell you how nice it is to have garma garma ghar ka nashta
  • I have started seeing changes already.Now a days I can reach office in record time of 30 mins,with minimal traffic and I cannot tell you how much that makes me happy.
  • I am grateful to my job which have me to have balanced professional and personal life.I can be back at home at pretty decent time.
    Clicked by Me

  • This is place where our watchman lives with his wife and 2 kinds.If you can see,not sure,they sleep on floor and don't even have a proper hygienic place for cooking.I have realised when you see your life with an eye of gratitude,you realised that we are life of king size.I am grateful that I live in safe house and well ventilated
  • Kind of arrangement I live with my room-mates,I am blessed to have a punctual house-help for cooking and cleaning.By being punctual,its truly a blessing,most of you will agree.
  • Our landlord is gem of person,who has been always supporting.He has been kind enough to rent out his flat on lesser rate as compared to others in same area.
  • Our society maintenance staff is very efficient,who makes sure that common areas are neat and clean.I am grateful to them for providing neat and clean society.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Day#5 I am GRATEFUL for...

Well,I am back after big gap of 12 days :( but bright side is that I am continuing it,that's was the whole reason to put my gratitude list here on this blog.I knew at least I will come back and write.

All these while I have been enjoying reading all the blogs,but never realised efforts which all the bloggers put in to write something each and every time.Better than what they did last time.Kudos to all of them.

Well,it is said that 'The Love of a family is life's greatest blessing'.Nothing can replace this love.Having a family is the best blessing anyone can have.This weekend while I was visiting my family,it dawned on me that these are only people in my life which keeps me moving in life.Where ever they are,that is home,a peaceful,joyful place.
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I am not talking about only my parents and sisters however each and every member of my family,who has touched my life since Iwere born.Sometime aspired me to be like them,sometimes taught me not be like them.  
Source Google Image
  • Earlier that touch of affection mattered more than the way of expression.A kiss-me-bar brought by uncle, made him your favourite and somewhere thought giving and sharing.I am grateful for every single gesture of such kindness offered to me,which made me feel loved and taught me to love

  • Well longevity runs in our family.I had played with both my great grandmother(Fathers grandmother and my mothers grandmother)I am truly grateful for both of them.The numerous stories which were narrated to me.They were full of suspense,drama but had high dose of moral values.Yes I still remember few of their stories ,which I am sure were made up them to let me know how being naughty or greedy was not good.I use to get chance to visit them during summer vacation .I just use to wait for it.With them around I never needed anyone,with them I use to be happiest.With there departure,they thought me a biggest lesson, everyone remembers you by the way you touched their life,how you changed them and yes sometimes you miss the memories more than person.

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  • Till last year I had both my paternal & maternal grandparents were healthy and alive.Well each one had different way of showing their love.My native place is in village so it use to be completely different from visit my maternal place.Gardening ,climbing trees,picking up fresh mangoes use to be part of my summer vacation course with them :P :P.We had a dog and a cow's family with us.Being at their place I learned to be kind to animals.

Source Google images
  • Being at my mom's place use to be always a different experience.There was this disciplined environment.Life use to run as per clock,however afternoons were fun.I learned embroidery(which I don't remember at all now :P),cooking there.I am grateful that I got these wonderful grandparents.

  • I feel truly blessed to have family like mine.My parents are supper supportive in whatever we do and I guess this must me like living in heaven,having your guardian angles look at you all the time.They are the reason of every goodness which I have in me now.

  • I am happy and grateful that we are constantly with me,helping me guiding me.It is like they feel all the emotions which I feel,they are happy when I am and sad when I am .But never fails to make me believe that there is silver lining in every dark could

  • I am grateful to have best sister in this world.She is best thing that ever happened to me.Constant sister,friend and devil,she is all in one. :)
I want to go back home now..I am missing home..sob sob :(

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Day#4 I am GRATEFUL for

I read it some where that 'You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream'.Well true, as dreamers we can never stop dreaming.Every moment of the day that passes by either we are dreaming or hoping that a dream comes true.They can be different for each of us like from being an astronaut to own a business,from marry our prince charming or to be a mother,from owning a car to have a beautiful home to return.A dream/fantasy/ambition is what  makes you keep moving in life.

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When I was child, would always gaze out of window lost in my dreams and then will be caught my teacher in the middle of class(especially during History/Geography/Civic classes).I remember an hour long journey from my school to home and loads of series of dreams.It would be any thing right from having  Aladin's lamp to meet SRK or brains to remember Maths formula.

These dreams somewhere or the other kept me through the thick and thin of my life.I would dream my life as an adult,how will it be,where will I go and what will I do.So here I am,a blessed being, living the life of my dreams Most of them got fulfilled and ones which dint,it does not matter now.

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Today I am grateful for the higher Thee/GOD who fulfilled my dreams.
  • As a kid I loved chat,we use to quite away from city,so it use to be once or twice a month feast for me.I always would dream that when I am big I will be always be able to have chat whenever I wanted to have.That's where I live now.I have this 3-4 chat stalls near my place,I can enjoy it n number of time.Its all together a different story that I dont eat it that often now.
  • I always dreamt of going abroad for holidays and I am truly grateful for 2 wonderful holidays which I had in 2011.It calls for another post all together.But as a child it was a big dream of mine.
  • I wanted to work abroad.I am so truly grateful that I got a chance of working in Singapore .There I meet few amazing people and had a best time of my life.It taught me a lession that,every thing happens for a reason,works in your best interest at an appropriate time.
  • I always dreamt of being a teacher,(I so wanted to be life my favourite teacher)well I dint become a teacher but fortunately I got an experience in teaching due to my job.
  • I had studied in KV,which usually use to be n army campus.One of my school was on top of a small hill.View from my class use to be amazing.I always dreamt of staying in such surrounding.Well I was grateful to live in such a vicinity.Our flat was on top of the hill from there you could see beautiful river flowing and sun rising.It was truly amazing.
  • I dreamt of para-sailing since I landed in Goa and never got a chance to do it .When I went for holiday,I got a chance to do it there.I was so delighted.I can never forget that experienceand always be grateful for it.
  • This one is my favourite song by ABBA.The charm of dreams..  
I have a dream, a song to sing
To help me cope with anything
If you see the wonder of a fairy tale
You can take the future even if you fail
I believe in angels
Something good in everything I see
I believe in angels
When I know the time is right for me
I’ll cross the stream - I have a dream
Lyrics Source - Google

There are few more which are yet to come true and that's what makes me hopeful for beautiful tomorrow.But I am grateful that I have a heart which beats and dreams,which cries when they shatter and gets delighted in their fulfilment.

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Which one of your childhood dream came true or the dream which you are eager to be fulfilled,I would love to listen.

Day#3 I am GRATEFUL for..

Life has its own way to make you what you are today.Change is one of them.We have experienced it,seen life taking turns and changing all the time.New age teachers even claim that every thought and associated  feeling can change your life for good.

Only constant thing is Change
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Sometimes I think jab tak badal rahe ho tab tak jinda ho tum (Till there is change you are alive).Mother nature has been the best example of this.Seasons change,colour of leafs change,harvest changes as per season.Today I want to be grateful for all the changes which happened in life.Below are few which have brought me here...made my life what it is now.

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  • Yes I truly believe that changes are blessings in disguise.One of this came in life when I had change my city and my school in 12th standard.My father got transferred to another state all together.I was sad that it happened in during most important academic year.I had opted for Maths and Hindi combination(CBSE board) and that option was not available at new school.There was no option but to deal to with it.I was not able to take Hindi classes for the entire year as it will clash with other compulsory subjects. Well I am now thankful that it happened.I managed Hindi very well.Got the highest marks in the entire batch.It made me realise two things.
    • Patience - If you have patience you can get anywhere in your life.  
    • Perseverance is the key to success no matter what.
  • After my 12th I had full fledged plan of dropping a year,prepare for entrance exams and get in some good college.However during some circumstances the plan changed.I had to opt for a college in my state only.I was really upset about it but then accepted it and the college happened.Now if I look back I think it was a blessing for me.I was able to stay near to home and res of the things fell into correct place.
  • Graduation thought me lessons of life.College was where for the first time in my life I tasted failure in my academic life.I guess when they say sometimes to rise high you have to fall really low.I can completely agree to it.
    • Those failure made me realise that I need to change my work pattern completely.If you are not succeeding by what you are doing ,you need to restart.
    • It made me realise that starting all over again is not that hard.It happens for good and you can write your story in entirely new light.

  •  This change of 100% success rate to 90% rate made me realise that rocky beginning does not mean rough ending.You just need to believe and work.You can fly high and that's what happened I stood first in my department at the State University Level.I am grateful for this event.Today when ever I see lows,I reassure myself that if I want to then things can change.
  • Again for job my city changed and set of people changed.I was upset initially as usual that I was not with my regular set of friends.But again through this change I got amazing friends.They are the best people I have ever meet so far.I cannot explain I grateful I am.
  • As I was enjoying my work suddenly I was asked to move out of my team and join others.After being with my team for almost a year I was really devastated.I was felling that I am the chosen one to be tortured.In new time we were so many freshers together.Oh God that was blast.First time I was celebrating work.Under amazing guidance of my 2 leads we learned a lot.Even weekend working could not bother us.
  • After the project got over I dint know what to expect.It was like working in the new company.Only solace was one of friend who was with since day 1 of my job.I still remember telling him I much I hated this end of project.We were so skeptically about our lead.Actually we dint like him during the first week.(If he happens to read this I will be dead because we have been together since 4 years now..he is the best mentor :) Another post for all my mentors).With him we learned so much,I can call that project as the best project of my life.I am truly grateful that it happened to me.

There are many such incidences or changes in my planned life that added new colours to my life.Usually I will panic in the beginning,cry over it but at  the end I have realised that they weren't that bad at all.There are many more like them but I will tell you some other time in another post.